Started in 2011, GradTX  works to return the “some college, no credential” population to college to earn one of the most powerful tools for social mobility – a postsecondary credential.

Recently upgraded, GradTX now takes a decidedly region-specific, student-centered approach, offering intensive, individualized supports for returning students–a population that trends low-income, first-generation college-bound, and minority. The returning student’s journey begins by accessing a central intake portal where the student can identify local learning and employment opportunities of  interest, followed by personal contact with program counselors to guide the student through enrollment and beyond. 

Experience and study show that in a state as diverse as Texas, region-specific planning works best, which is why our upgraded GradTX launches first in the Greater Houston Area where nearly one million residents aged 25 years or older started college but never finished. In fact, we are seeking a vendor to evaluate our work in Houston. If interested, please click here to access the request for proposals (RFP)

SCNC Eval Needed

Over 3.2 million Texans ages 25 and over have earned some college credit, but no certificate or degree. And in Texas, which is growing by a rate of 1,200 people per day, it is critical to narrow educational inequality gaps, especially now in the wake of COVID-19 which wiped out so many low-skill jobs.