Grad TX

Grad TX is a program designed for adult students who have dropped out of college with 45 or more credit hours. The goal is to provide these adults with the information they need to help them return to higher education and complete their baccalaureate degree.

Launched in 2011, partnering Texas public universities offer specialized programs with online, compressed, and regular courses for returning students. They also have counselors and financial aid advisors on staff who specialize in assisting adult returning students.

With 37 public four-year institutions in Texas, there is much room for expansion of Grad TX. Recent efforts have focused on the 135,313 Texans who attempted 45 or more semester credit hours at a community or technical college and the 31,167 students who attempted 90 or more semester credit hours at a Texas university without earning a degree. Helping these adult students graduate is absolutely necessary to ensure the state’s economic viability.